Dobby Comes Home

Apr 2, 2019

I have shared these photos before on my Facebook business page, but I wanted to take the time to blog them and also share what Sarah had to say about her experience.
It is such an honour and privilege when people welcome me into their lives to capture special moments.

From Sarah.
I had the pleasure of having Michelle be apart of a very special moment for me; she came and captured the moment I received my horse back after two years. I had to give away my horses when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Two years later my pony turned up on a buy/sell page and I reached out to get him back. They were looking to rehome him due to a severe injury and his future was looking very uncertain. Shelly was so thoughtful and respectful in her work. She took time before hand to hear our story. She said she wanted to know the details of our story so that she could capture those emotions in her photos. My pony arrived, and she was quiet and patient. I hardly even noticed her there. Everything was so natural and candid and she was very respectful of my time with my pony. The results were astonishing. She was able to capture beautiful shots filled with passion and emotion. Her pictures so eloquently showed the intimacy and affection between us. I feel so fortunate for having these photos. My time with my pony may be limited due to his injury, but I will have these photos forever. I couldn’t thank her enough for the work she did. She has an incredible talent that is well suited with her calm and quiet personality.