Avalon | A Birth Story

Mar 2, 2021

February 16th at 6:30 in the morning, I received the text from Lauren that her water had broken. With lockdown and Covid restrictions I really thought I wouldn’t be able to attend this birth. I had prepared a DIY Birth photo plan for them and had even lent them my backup camera but it turns out that baby girl waited until I was officially open for photos again, AND the biggest snow event of the year!
Avalon came into the world just few hours later and 8 minutes of pushing! The tension gone from Lauren and Steves faces, replaced with joy, relief and admiration for their new baby girl. While there was so much to celebrate with the arrival of Avalon, there was also space for Avalon’s twin sister Kaia who passed away at 10 weeks. A candle was lit in remembrance of Kaia that morning. During the midwives inspection of the placenta they found the spot on the placenta where Kaia would have been. Another beautiful reminder of the miracle of life, and that Kaia would always be be part of little Avalon.
Much love to you Lauren, Steve, big sister Diora and Avalon.