A very Merry Family Christmas

Jan 23, 2020

On Saturday I was invited into the Vipond family home to capture part of their Christmas together.
Their house is perfectly situated on the shores of Georgian Bay with the most beautiful view. Nestled between trees and covered in snow, the house gave off the perfect cottage vibes. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with warm welcomes and introduced to family members. While some hung around the living room, talking and playing with children, others were sitting around the table enjoying dips, nuts and scotch eggs (which by the way, are AH-mazing!).
The afternoon was full of laughter, hugs, presents, and just really enjoying each others company.

I left feeling entirely grateful for family and being able to spend some time with this crew. There’s always so many things on our to do lists, and so many places to be at this time of year, but I hope everyone gets a chance to see the beauty in all of the chaos.